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La Liga has a special feature: when a player is when time could hit a five-month absence due to injury reasons, the transfer time specified players clubs can sign a player outside instead. Of course, Barcelona currently the transfer ban has not been lifted, so the Club do not know if you could use this clause, so to ask FIFA issued. Recently, FIFA official response says not able to sign players to replace Vermaelen in Barcelona, this also means that Barcelona can only hope Belgium internationals injury comeback as soon as possible. Robin van Persie this season, poor start but still able to stabilize the pressure test, many people questioned this is Louis van Gaal cronyism. Face questioning, Van Persie has maintained a silence, because he knew, say more than persuasive performances on the field. In adversity can  nike air structure 18 women's  rise again, exploded with powerful people, can become the core of a team, Van Persie was such a person. Manchester United game against Southampton today, the scene is very poor, can be said to be completely United were hung and beat Southampton. Manchester United not only defending poor attacking play is bad, the audience only 3 shots, but these 3 shots are a threat: two goals also had 1 hit in online, which all 3 shots done by Van Persie, Robin van Persie became the Reds ' thighs today.

It is worth mentioning that, although Thomas Vermaelen in Barca's medical staff examined have found to be he needs radical surgery to heal, but Barcelona Manager transfer Zubizarreta still think Belgium people only need a conservative treatment can contribute to the team. But Thomas Vermaelen is still not in the Barcelona first team appearances, he's just in a warm-up match in Barcelona two appearances. Shortly before Thomas Vermaelen had surgery again, take 4-5 months to recover, which means he will miss Barcelona's remaining games of the season. In these 23 years, except the 1991 OG, this pair of Infrared altogether after carved 5 times, may wish to look at for 23 years in six-red version of the give and take. 1991OGRelease:1991 year, not just MichaelJordan first NBA Championship, was AirJordan6 first year of sale. Infrared appeared for the first time has proved to be unparalleled in the next 23 years. Can not help but admire how designers TinkerHatfield 23 years ago, can see into the future, into legend. AirJordan6infrared not only on behalf of Jordan won the start, was standing in Sneaker history milestones.

5 candidate's former Netherlands International Netherlands football history, legend, Dennis Bergkamp has a fabulous technique, his passing accuracy and his technique is gorgeous. His performances on the   nike free 4.0 v2 womens pitch the fans revel. Nearly 25 years were in addition to the Netherlands the best Netherlands player of the year out. Bergkamp also by virtue of their superior strength to become the 13th named Netherlands Football Hall of Fame players. Dennis Bergkamp in 1990 since 2000, played for the Netherlands national team, in a total of 79 appearances on behalf of the team of the Decade, one of 77Game starts. Representative of Netherlands team participated in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 European Cup games, and represented the Oranje at the 1994 and 1998 World Cup matches. Ten years playing for the team have scored 37 goals for the team. We have some important players sidelined, Abarth, dexiliao as well as Alex, but I believe the team can go. I hear criticism after the loss to Genoa, now we are on the right path, we need to do more, so that we can improve. It is clear that we need to improve the consistency of the problem, because our State there are ups and downs.

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Compared to the team's real strength and time is a far cry from the. Introduced before inter's legendary coach Herrera, this month to talk about the Rocco and his contemporaries, although after Sacchi, Fabio Capello, Ancelotti and other Marshal, but many media believe that Rocco is the greatest coach in the history of AC Milan. Which 5 bit from serie a, 35 age of Pirlo due to injuries of effects, this season the data are rendering out fell trend, but he this season League of two a scored all key, against Empoli free kick broken impasse, Turin de than is is added winner, field are 65.9 times passing, success rate 87%, field are 2.1 times key passing, and 2.3 times Cross and 7 times long ball of efficiency still remarkable, completely out of injuries plagued Hou, he slowly became Allegri starting lineup in the not replaced of a member. Total of 10 35+ the veteran scored more than 7 points per game, 5 will occupy half of Serie a, Premier  nike free run 3 mens League 3, contributed also to the French League two. Andrea Pirlo, Francesco Totti and Antonio Di Natale 3 along the names headlining. After World War II Italy still suffering from the influence of English football the fathers of football, the Club generally plays all WM formation, team battle between who is strong and who usually got a lot who can win, calls for change are high but no team come into action, only because some weaker teams beat the body force good teams and are forced to find other ways. Giuseppe Viani is a reformist representative.

Slam Dunk cartoon images in the immediate present, cherry wood flower blood shapes and MINEISNOW passion mantra takes us back to the fight scenes. AirJordan4 "Columbia" after 99 listed for sale, will debut again in January next year. As a part of the AirJordanRemastered series, debut it will be high quality and exquisite quality, and the price is likely to rise to us  nike free 4.0 v3 womens  $200. More pictures, white upper with embroidered light blue details, showing a classic Columbia color scheme. While the shoes are made of high quality leather to create, replaced by plastic mesh made of leather. James 11-boots with NBA2K14 a joint special work, the wild Leopard toast has won many fans. New year NBA2K15 you put Durant on the cover, naturally NikeBasketball cooperation with 2K series this year, NikeKD7 will be used as the main character debut. The cooperation plan has been exposed on both sides, but only simple KD7 silhouettes, more news and we will keep our eyes on. This 3-day preview, turn coffee into a Gallery exhibition space, Fusion Converse release will change the world of the brand concept of creative inspiration.

Wenger during Euro 2012, has also publicly criticized the Spain national team, they have betrayed his football philosophy, more conservative tactics. Past Spain always want to attack the ball to win the game, but now it seems that their primary goal was not conceded, they did not want to attack, just wanted to let the other side no chance of attack. Although Bayern are currently not completely defensive, but Guardiola as the creator of Tiki-Taka tactics also took note of the new defensive tactics, and very well put this concept into their own system, which makes it more stable to Bayern's defense. This round of Augsburg of Bundesliga while Bayern are on the road, although it called the Bavaria Derby, while Augsburg before the four-game winning streak and ranks third in the Bundesliga table, but Bayern also won the amazing race 72% possession, Augsburg match only 6 shots, while Bayern's shots were up to 29 times, almost 5 times times are rivals. Such lopsided data comparison, it's no wonder 4-ball win over Bayern in the road. And Bayern are similar, they are also known for ball tactics team, Barcelona is the birthplace of Tiki-Taka tactics, and Juve return to top is also after the introduction of master playmaker Andrea Pirlo. 

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1946-1947 season of Serie a League still belongs to big Turin era, at Viani led of salernitana just won meaning b League champion liters into class a, used of is set to Viani named of formation play, this sets formation in, in three name defender of behind will arrangements a name players made free people, is in WM of based Shang from frontcourt took off a a people put in has defence line Shang. And in fact, Viani is not the only one who had this idea, Nereo-Rocco in Trieste also used the same tactics to make up for the deficiency of the Milwaukee, and rely on this type of system is immediately after Turin was awarded the 1947-1948 second place in Serie a last season, his tactical concepts are simple: standing by. Good football knowledge and stimulate the  nike free 5.0 v4 womens  potential of his abilities make him stand out compared to other coaches, and influenced an entire generation, he came up with no scientific, but is also popular and fascinating place. The players call him boss, was his authority and awe, and second, because of his size, seen from the figure, you'd never guess he was a football coach, but like a heavyweight boxer, quite similar to Hollywood action star Steven Seagal, wearing suits at once is a mafia boss's image. His philosophy was always simple and direct, the whole team exudes a strong sexual attraction to, what psychological tactics don't trick, if now you talk to him by computer analysis of tactics or his possession described the importance of imagine how he will respond to you.

North Carolina-blue color scheme AirJordan11 "Pantone" will be blockbuster debut by the end of this year, it would be rare for Pantone series marketed for the first time, or in the form of ultra limited edition set, together with a AirJordanXX9 new color schemes available for sale. Today brings us this super high man shoes on the feet of the balloon shot, see fast. JordanSpizike goes on sale the new color scheme, this JordanSpizikeSpaceBlue space  nike free run 2 womens  matching blue and cool grey white black outsole, whole understated calm, easy to mix. White shoes embroidered blue and green details, the styling of the AirJordan6GSFierceGreen on a rather smart debut, good choice for female sneaker fans be friends. No one loves the camouflage element, whether from the little accessories and clothing on the streets will always shine through. In recent years, various big-name Camo items are also frequent, because no matter what items just add cool Camo elements are often on the line will be sold out, what are you waiting for. Today the author to put together five camouflage items, the Camo is King of winter, mix it up. 1.GDC, who says the only Green Camo. In recent years, more colorful camouflage design, lively color scheme gives paired with more selective.

Losing after Barca Guardiola left a strong control of the midfield, while Juve are relying too much on veteran Andrea Pirlo's pass, this round Andrea Pirlo is not playing in Serie a, Juventus draw at home to Sampdoria. And Bayern are different, another major European giants Real Madrid despite 20-game winning streak, but their use is not short ball tactics, such as Real Madrid beat Celta de Vigo in the 14th round of the Spanish League's 3-0 home game, Real Madrid's possession and the visitors tied. Possession than Bayern and Barcelona, Real Madrid's defence and therefore subject to the opponent and more threatening, while Ronaldo-led Super striker to score goals helped Real Madrid at the top of La Liga, but they had lost in La Liga this season 13Ball, Barcelona almost conceded twice. It also reflects on the ball from the side on the importance of team defense. Phelan accused Ferguson Assistant Louis van Gaal after mass injuries caused by improper training methods of players, the former Manchester United captain Bryan Robson Ambassador Club also believes van Gaal two practices a day is the cause of massive muscle injury, while Alex Ferguson era when they don't practice. 

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Rocco won his second Champions League trophy, also AC Milan's third Champions League trophy, Cruyff, there is no coverage of him after the game. Later he of this sets tactical concept was media called chain type defensive, this a special tactical system yihou became has Italy football of logo is one of, can said effects has Italy football for decades years of development direction, Rocco also by with this sets tactical for himself won has 2 times League champion, and 3 times Italy Cup champion, and 2 times European Champion Cup champion, and 1 times Toyota Cup champion and 2 times European  womens nike roshe run flyknit   winner Cup champion, he has three times coached AC Milan, hand promoted has Italy most excellent of Star Rivera, He was the Italy football worthy of the big brother: Nereo-Rocco. 38 age of Wolf Wang Tuodi in this season appearances 9 times, contribution 2 ball 4 assists, field are 2.7 times key passing, although serie a history striker King of target some kewangbukeji, but Rome team soul still in France coach Garcia account Xia played with set Poseidon needle of role; coincidentally, 37 age of Udinese Captain Antonio Di Natale also efficient, appearances 12 times 958 minutes playing into 7 ball, also has 3 times assists, field are shot is only 2.4 times.


As soon as players he is not recommended, Rocco on his advice to ignore, that game easy, 4:1 final AC Milan sweep AJAX through creative design show spring/summer Converse2015 AllStar, CONS, JackPurcell, Kids four series, to stimulate creativity, to create personality trends spring/summer. Spring of 2015, Converse encourages us to use a blank canvas to express themselves, with their own understanding of the AllStar  nike free 3.0 v4 womens  blank canvas and creative ideas to create the most personalized sneakers. ChuckTaylorAllStar is not only a pair of sneakers, is more of a philosophy. This is your blank canvas awaiting your creative play. It is part of our lives, will also become the unique and authentic expression. Many from all over the world are on display in the preview space ' the ChuckTaylorAllStar classic Converse fans, after the time of exposure, and each pair of sneakers was a unique self-portrait, carrying everyone's attitude toward life and ideas. ChuckTaylorAllStar series into a new series of large United States element joined stars and stripes color scheme and the star of details such as interpret brand birthplace United States rich cultural connotations.

Germany coach Joachim Loew was surprised to find, his team suddenly lost the best left-backs in the world, the best right Defender, best midfielder and one of the best captain on the field. RAM on the Court's reading the game very well, he can play almost every position. Bayern coach PEP Guardiola just coach the team when they praise Rahm said he is the most intelligent player who has worked. There's an old saying, call it after lost treasure, this is the Germany national team feel about Rahm. Many people believe that than Manuel Neuer, RAM should elect Germany player of the year. Because 31Aged RAM has become increasingly close to retiring, while this season's knee injury means he is hard to like I used to like iron man and keep playing. Imagine if Rahm never once got in front of retired Germany player of the year honors, that Germany is one of the best players in soccer history, it doesn't seem fair, is simply ridiculous. In fact, like the Golden Globes, Germany player of the year honors are more likely to give attacking players. In recent years Germany football winners respectively, Miroslav Klose, Mario Gomez and Franck ribery, Robben, Royce, and Manuel Neuer. Of course, Neuer was an outlier, who over the past four years, won the honor twice. 

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Foot visible this summer postponed retired time of decided is more wise. Two other famous slightly smaller and was centre-back position. 35 age of Chievo Zhongwei Dario dainelli field are can contribution 5 big league Supreme of 5.1 times intercept, and also has 1.5 times shovel ball, and 3.8 times rescue and 0.8 times seal blocking, called fly donkey defense most important of big gate; with for 35 age of Marquis   nike free 3.0 v2 womens last year summer decided to accept Verona of invited, from ink Super returns European football, 6.1 times rescue, and 2.8 times intercept, and 2.1 times shovel ball.But this is Germany football special, Germany has always attached great importance to the goalkeeper position. Neuer was the sixth won the Germany goalkeeper of the player of the year honors, and former goalkeeper Yashin of the Soviet Union was the only one in history who won a Golden Globe Award honors. Lahm is not most valuable in his excellent, but his continued outstanding. For RAM, therefore, became even more remarkable performance. Explore Lahm's Bayern Munich youth team coach Herman Hill has said Lahm has near-perfect at the age of 17 he was Rahm was perfect at the age of 17, he will, I can't teach him. In my hand, Rahm has never played a bad game, because he did not do such a thing. RAM's Almighty, early is seen through by Grande. In 2003, 19Aged RAM in the star-studded Bayern has no chance and had to find a way out by loan.

0.5 block, 52.7 pass, 7.5 times pass data obviously see the Barcelona of old will be comprehensive. Other 5 people are defensive players, Montpellier Brazil central defender Hylton become more firm as one grows nike free 5.0 2014 womens  old, 37-year old still has 2 goals, averaging 3.7 times the header, 3.3 blocks, turn, 10.1, 2 tackles and 1 blocking of terrorist data, it's no wonder he was able to get nearly a score of 7.8 points. Reveillere Paris Camara, Sunderland and Everton distin from France, Gaul Gates does Evergreen qualities. Top the last one by Queens Park Rangers of the Ireland Defender Dunne himself. 5 appearances this season in the League's top teams and Roma goalkeeper Morgan de Sanctis 35+ veteran aged 37, Captain Gianluigi Buffon Juventus 36, Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati, 37, Juve goalkeeper Marco storari, Lazio striker Miroslav Klose 36, 37 years old, Manchester City midfielder Frank Lampard 36, Bayern Munich striker Claudio Pizarro 36 and Chelsea striker Didier Drogba 36 years old. Magic lamp 3 League 1 assists contributions to former club Chelsea goal; Warcraft League and the Champions League a two-wire 5 goals and 2 assists, broke the key battle against Manchester United last weekend's game against Newcastle substitute another gains, gold gradually transformed into the Blues bench role k-League and cup of God two-wire 4 goals and 2 assists, gradually find out long after scoring. These veteran, most recently and most well known players include Andrea Pirlo, Francesco Totti, Di Natale, Buffon, Miroslav Klose, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, etc. Besides Pirlo 35 years old.

High-end detail series shoe materials and shoes are big ones, so wearing more comfortable and easy to wear off. Series heavily tannin texture selection of denim upper with zipper and rivet elements, unique American-and rock and roll fashion. Is particularly worth mentioning, ChuckTaylorAllStarLux 2015 launched a new spring and summer girls shoes, elevated shoes better to lengthen the leg line, integrating more fashion details. Meanwhile, 2015 AllStar year series premium Sheepskin fabric combined with cool black and gold color scheme, Yang Totem Air China and CNY series this season together to create a unique design. Respected Chuck'70 in 2015 will also continue to offer Hawaiian prints, premium leather and star-shaped stamp series, the interpretation of new wave retro chic. In addition, 2015 AllStar series in spring and summer there are three remarkable cooperation. AndyWarhol, and Missoni and John Varvatos. New color schemes and footwear technology, highly distinctive character in print, highlight the Converse of rebellious and daring to create a spirit of innovation. ConverseCONS the creative world is respected by every day face a different challenge, play different creative and bold journey.

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